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Illmatic on CD, and on cassette. #Illmatic #IllmaticXX #TBT





I sure do miss the Bernie Mac show.

…nice toes.

She is so slept on.

I feel like… Bernie really did put her on

One of the most underrated dimes ever. Beautiful.

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Where My Girls At?



R&B’s in an interesting space. By no means am I saying the genre’s dead. Janelle Monae's late 2013 release, The Electric Lady, is a pretty good album. The Internet's Feel Good is still in heavy rotation on my Beats Music app and Quadron's Avalanche is hands down one of my…

Truth from @carlchery about women in R&B right now

Listen/download: Black, Brown & White by KuroiOto

With “Black Brown & White,” Detroit producer KuroiOto teams with Producers I Know and illustrator Sean Mack to craft a musical and visual ode to black women. Between two EPs, KuroiOto uses Jazz and R&B samples, vocal loops, and more for his soulful sound beds while Sean Mack provides a different illustration for each song. “Black, Brown & White” is dedicated to Black women worldwide. Regardless of how things may appear, you ARE appreciated…

My reactions to the “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones. #RedWedding #TheRedWeddibg #GoT
With the incredible @JeanGreasy at St. Andrews in #Detroit. Third time seeing her; she KILLED her set, per usual.
Chillin with @hannibalburess after his show at St. Andrews. VERY funny guy. #comedy
Told @YessPlz I was thinking about trimming my beard. She wasn’t having it.
Danny! - "Don't Remind Me" (instrumental)



"Don’t Remind Me" (instrumental)
Dan-strumentals [2014]

finally finished what i was working on late last night

this is definitely going on the joint i’m working on with my sis chell

preceded by peaswain of course


my first beat of 2014

broke my tumblr exodus to share this with y’all

this post will self-destruct in five seconds

oh snap

they played this Saturday on 91.9 FM WCLK, Atlanta’s jazz station, during Jamal Ahmad’s show

thank you based gawds

Heat from @DannySwain to start the new year.


….that awkward moment someone sends you music on facebook. (via karliehustle)



….that awkward moment someone sends you music on facebook. (via karliehustle)